$1 off pints for anyone who rolls up on 2 wheels (includes motorcycles & bicycles)!


$1 off pints for coming in and sportin' your DTB attire!


The D&D/Role-Playing Meet-up group meets once a month, usually the 2nd Saturday of each month (please see our calendar for upcoming dates). Hosted by DM Michael Mirth, all are welcome to come and join in! Games include:

D&D • AD&D • Cthulhu Wars • Last Will • Star Wars: X Wing •

Dice Throne • The Traders of Genoa • Pandemic • Settlers of Catan •
Don’t Mess With Cthulhu • Concept • A Study in Emerald • Asara •
Aliens vs. Predator • Terra Mystica • Agricola • Magic: The Gathering


This D&D/Role-Playing Meet-up group is hosted by Jay Pillay from the Pathfinder/Starfinder Society. All are welcome to come! This group usually meets once a month...please see our events calendar for upcoming dates as they sometimes vary.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make Chainmaille Jewelry? Now you can! Hosted by Tracey Siepser from Chained Harmony Jewelry, each class highlights a specific style of Chainmaille Jewelry and is designed to allow you to create your own perfect piece of art! Please see our calendar for upcoming Chainmaille Workshops.  

DRAGON'S TALE BREWERY is a family-friendly brewery.

Kids are welcome to come and yes, we are dog-friendly (as long as they are well-behaved and on a leash)! We have a variety of games here (card games, chess, coloring books, board games, puzzles, etc.) and we also have bottled water, sodas & teas for those who don't drink or for those of you who are the D.D.'s!

We typically have 16 beers on tap and we try and keep the website updated with our current tap list. However, if you are coming in for a particular beer that is not part of our year-round line-up, please call ahead first to make sure we have it.

For up-to-date info.

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Are you dog-friendly? YES

Are you kid friendly? YES, we are family and kid friendly

Can we bring in food or have it delivered? YES

Can we bring in other drinks? YES (as long as they are non-alcoholic)

Do you have anything to eat? YES (we have pretzels & mustard; we also have pre-packaged trail mix, snacks & beef jerky available for purchase)

Is your tasting room air-conditioned? YES

Is there outside seating? YES, we have an outside patio area where you are allowed to drink

Do you allow smoking & vaping outside? YES

Do you sell growlers? YES

Do you can your beer? YES

Do you have gift cards? YES

Do you sell t-shirts? YES, we have t-shirts, women's tank tops, women's V-necks, zip-up hoodies & pull-over hoodies

Do you have glassware with your logo on it for sale? YES, we have goblets (it's the same goblet that our dragon is holding in our logo)